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How Mint Indian Eatery started.


Husband and Wife who shares passion with food (both cooking and eating), decided to share our experience with you.  Both of us grew up eating street food for lunch, dinner or sometimes whole meal for the day. We got yelled by our parents for eating food from streets (you would understand their sentiments if you could see how they were prepared and where they were being served). But despite of all yelling and scolds we still ate streets foods (it was worth every punishment).  We think, taste wise, nothing comes close to street foods,  so we decided to share our experience of street foods with you all. Our concept is very simple and so is our menu. We simply want you to experience the taste of Street foods without having to put your health in stake. So think of us as street food prepared indoor with quality.

From Streets of India And Nepal

  • Kati Roll (Wraps)
  • Thali (Como Platter with Rice)
  • Mo:Mo (Dumplings from Himalayas)
  • Chaat (Sweet tangy savory snacks)

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